Volunteer as a Professional Advisor

What?  The Professional Advisor Volunteer can support our projects that support communities to provide advisory services. This allows experts from academia, private industry, and professionals from the community to serve as facilitators, trainers, researchers, designers, or analysts on the SIAA social innovation projects. 


Why? As a Professional Advisor Volunteer, you can enjoy using your expertise and experience to make a social impact and provide invaluable expertise to our social innovation projects.  We are typically looking for professional services in the legal, science & engineering, financial, life & executive coaching, management consulting to name a few.

How?  Our Professional Advisors participate in projects under the following programs:

The Community Social Innovation (CSI) Program. The CSI Program is our lead with the heart program.  It unites diverse professionals with our member organizations serving as trusted gatekeepers to the community. Over the course of a 4 hr. or 8 hr. session, the CSI’s organizes Cross-Community Collaboration Workshops for communities without the resources or methods to resolve their communities’ issues.

The Restoration of Social Innovation (RSI) Program is our lead with an action program. You can support projects to assist with the recovery and rebuilding of social systems or institutions degraded, damaged, or destroyed. The RSI’s deploy to regions after the stabilization of social unrest. The objective is to help the people in the community use limited and constrained resources to apply innovative approaches to restore social services.

Social Systems Innovation (SSI) Program is our lead with the head program. You can research, analyze, and design innovative solutions to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of critical social systems.  The work you perform provides new solutions to government organizations and community-based organizations that are part of the system. The goal is to improve both efficiency and effectiveness of the services to deliver solutions that fulfill unmet needs.



Volunteer for a Working Group

As a Staff Volunteer, you can work any of the following Working Groups to help the SIAA deliver its products and services to its members and its public beneficiaries.  All volunteers for the working groups will usually work virtually unless supporting a live event.  The working groups are as follows:​

  • The Professional Development Working Group (PD-WG) defines the curriculums, training offerings and solicits the volunteers or outsource the instructional design, multimedia training environment, and learning management systems support. 

  • Editorial & Publishing Working Group (EP-WG) ensures timely publishing of the accepted blogs and articles. As such, the Committee solicits authors, content developers, layout designers, graphic artists, and reviewers for the organization’s publications. 

  • Public Engagement Working Group (PE-WG) develops strategies and messaging to transfer information between the SIAA and its internal and external stakeholders. They also manage many cross-community collaboration events, fundraiser events, and other public events. ​

  • Strategic Partnerships Working Group (SP-WG) manages all significant areas of corporate sponsors, collaborating non-profits, and government organizations need by SIAA to execute the approved projects. This also involves soliciting patrons to raise sufficient funds to achieve the social impact on the communities we serve.

  • Membership & Volunteer Services Working Group (MVS-WG) recruits, develops and retains member organizations and volunteers for professional advisory services. The working group also develops orientation materials, tracking status in the database, and recruitment packages, among other things.


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