Dr. J. Coleman, Ph.D.

The Founder & President

For years, Dr. J. Coleman studied innovation management. In February 2020, he decided to use his passion for innovative designs, a love of solving problems, and comfort with system complexity. As a result, Dr. Coleman combined his unique attributes into a meaningful purpose to help diverse humans benefit from high-functioning communities.

He dreams that like-minded people will donate their God-given talents to help humans were communities restrict resources or denies services. The hope is that these liked-minded experts will partner with community-based, faith-based, and government organizations. And together, we will help our under-resourced and under-served neighbors achieve their full potential. The SIAA collaborates with communities to innovate solutions that offer equitable access to opportunities. As a result, he connected those unique capabilities to solve the problems of unequal access and formed the SIAA Nonprofit organization.

The Mission

The SIAA wants all humans to share equally in a community’s opportunities. Thus, we facilitate creative collaboration engagements among experts and stakeholders to make social institutions more inclusive, fair, and beneficial to all.


The SIAA aspires to unify community-based organizations to leverage creativity, collaboration, and commitment to transform social institutions into human-centered solution providers. As such, the community-based organizations deliver benefits to all residents equally. Yet, the SIAAs member associations maintain our integrity as honest-brokers by upholding our apolitical, nonviolent, and inclusive principals.  

Ways to Engage with Us

  • Member Association:  If you are a community-based nonprofit working to address the needs and problems of a community, then you can become a member association. As a member association, you benefit from all of our resources, services, our methods, processes & tools, and training for your members. Your organization will have voting delegates to contribute to the future direction of the applied social innovation.

  • Volunteer Coaches & Mentors: Contribute your times and talents to collaborate and participate in social innovation projects as part of problem-solving teams, cross-community collaboration coordinators, or deploying to restore disrupted and degraded social systems.

  • Individual Project Patrons: Participate by donating to our patronage program and receive discounts on training, events, publications, and third-party partnership discounts. 

  • Corporate Project Sponsorships & Partnerships: With corporate sponsorship, the corporations benefit by contributing to the development of our social innovation projects and receive semi-exclusive access to innovations, research reports, and expert speakers.  Also, there are tax donations all while helping members of society.


Meet The Officers

Dr. J. Coleman


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Dr. Coleman’s career spans 30 years as a civil servant, a military officer, and a federal contractor before starting his second business as a nonprofit. His expertise is in strategic management and service management. 

Sheila Jones

Acting Treasurer

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Ms. Jones comes to us with more than 20 years experience as a consultant and advisor to for-profit and nonprofit business development activities for a variety of companies.  Her expertise in helping startup organizations achieve sustainable growth.

LaNay Banks

Acting Secretary

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Mrs. Banks has over 20 years volunteering and serving in a variety of community services nonprofit organizations. She is an many years of experience in professional sales and fundraising. Her expertise is in governance and nonprofit operations.  

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