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Do you want to have fun while serving communities?
Join to Participate in Social Design Hackathons
and Social Innovation Projects

The benefits of membership include the following:


  • Earn Credentials in Community-Driven Social Innovation:  Associates receive discounts for our instructor-led training, master classes, self-paced online training, and field experience to become qualified or certified to lead our Community-Driven Social Innovation Approach


  • Change the World One Community at a Time: You get to recommend & host our Community-Driven Social Innovation workshops in your community, priority to public speaking events, discounts on promotional items, or participate on our open innovation circle to focused on factors that cause generational poverty


  • Engaging with Like-minded Peers: Members are encouraged to share lessons learned from community-based and government-sponsored social and humanitarian research projects, prototypes, trials, & pilots


  • Solve Community Challenges by Working Together: Members' achieve more social impact by working together on projects and programs with common interests


  • Regular Access to Thought-Leaders & Pioneers: Members get access to our network of distinguished professionals, problem solvers, researchers, and designers to support project success.


  • Fun and Engaging Interactive Collaborations:  Enjoy opportunities to participate in virtual, in-person, and hybrid collaboration sessions to overcome systemic oppression and complex social issues


  • Members-Only Discounts: Members receive special incentives and deep discounts on events, training, services, and promotional items throughout the year


  • Access to Exclusive Knowledge & Insights: Members have access to exclusive Social Innovation publications, videos, training, and software suites; as well as the authorization to use our resources for the public good


  • Eligible for Annual Awards & Recognition: Associates are eligible to receive Social Innovation recognition and awards for employees, volunteers, individuals, and teams in our membership


  • Vender & Partner Discounts: Associates build extra capacity with shared resources from our various vendors and service providers in purchasing power to reduce costs

We invite you to Join Us. Anyone that desires to participate in our social design hackathons and social innovation projects. Apply your time & talents to find solutions with communities.

Membership Options

Who are our patron members?

Community Leaders

  • Nonprofit Founders

  • Program Directors

  • Community Organizers

  • Social Activist

  • Community Advocates

  • Faith-Based Leaders

  • Government Agencies

  • Elected Officials

  • To name a few

Community Innovators

  • Social Entrepreneurs

  • Social Enterprises

  • Social Innovators

  • Social Designers

  • Product / Industrial Designers

  • Service Designers

  • Experience Designers (XD)

  • Social Artist

  • To name a few

Social Service Providers

  • Social Science Experts

  • Mental Health Workers

  • Community Health Workers

  • Legal Aid & Defense Funds

  • Social Workers

  • Public Safety Workers

  • Education Professionals

  • Civic Technologists

  • Urban Developers

  • To name a few

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