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Become a Certified Social Innovation Facilitator 

A Workshop Series on How to Harness the Collective Wisdom of Communities through Innovation Facilitation

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The Certification Workshop

You will enjoy opportunities to collaborate and co-design with cohort teammates and leading experts. Together, you will learn to guide participants using the following five competencies: 

  1. Community-Driven Social Innovation (CDSI)

  2. Facilitative Leadership

  3. Community Participatory Research

  4. Social Design Methods

  5. Community Engagement

The goal is to create a pipeline of diverse community leaders that can alleviate systemic inequality and complex social issues in the DC, MD, and VA metropolitan areas. The Social Innovation Facilitator Certification process develops your proficiency in the five (5) competencies,  assesses your understanding of each competency, and provides professional coaching to demonstrate your ability by completing a Certification Project with fellow cohort members. The competencies were selected based on SIAA’s extensive practical experience and the success factors of our Community-Driven Social Innovation (CDSI) approach.

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5 Reasons to Get Your Certification

boosts your career

Demonstrates you are driven and motivated to master your profession and deliver communities quality services

validate your Expertise

Shows clients that you have the level of knowledge and experience to help them achieve their goals

Gain High Demand Skills

Demand for your services grows as you gain skills that delivers results to communities that need help addressing complex issues.

Achieve recognition as a trusted advisor

Your certification allows people to trust you to care for their communities because of your commitment to SIAA's code of ethics and belief in our core values.

Expand your opportunities for future work

As you build on your network of other social innovation practitioners, you expand you ability to meet future customers, employers, or  become a social entrepreneur

Workshop Topics

Workshop 1
Community-Driven Social Innovation (CDSI)  


Saturday, September 17, 2022

9 AM to 1 PM EST

You learn how a social innovation goes from community issues to community-driven solutions that lead to impactful benefits that scale and replicate.

Workshop 4
Social Co-Design with Community Stakeholders

Saturday, October 08, 2022

9 AM to 1 PM EST


You learn to use co-creation and collaboration with diverse community stakeholders following Human-Centered Design Methodologies to solve social issues.

Workshop 2
Facilitative Leadership for Community Leaders   


Saturday, September 24, 2022

9 AM to 1 PM EST

You learn to stimulate creative thinking through brainstorming, communication, and other activities that connect the elements of a team or community.

Workshop 5
Community Engagement for Social Change Adoption   

Saturday,October 15, 2022

9 AM to 1 PM EST


You learn a how to get communities to accept and adopt new ideas using a framework of guiding principles, strategies, and approaches to engage the community within their unique context to reach workable outcomes.

Workshop 3
Community-Based Participatory Research  


Saturday, October 1, 2022

9 AM to 1 PM EST

You learn qualitative research methods such as, questionnaires, interviews, and ethnographies, with the various levels of participation.

Project 1:
Cohorts' Community-Driven workshop 

October 16 to November 11, 2022


With the weekly, 1-hour sessions with the Team Coaches for each regional cohort, the teams will conduct a community driven workshop.  The cohorts will work independently to plan, conduct, and report  back to the nonprofit's leadership the results of their workshop with staff, community members, or both. 

Small Title

Fully Certified for an introductory Price of Only $150 

SIAA Membership Discounts Apply 

Check your inbox or junkmail folders for coupon codes we emailed you. The discounts are as follows: 75% Discount for Executive Ambassadors 50% Discount for Chiefe Ambassadors 25% Discount for Staff Ambassadors Full price for non-members

Emerging Servant Leaders' Scholarship available for 18-30 y.o. with community leadership Interests Scholarship Criteria Serving Charitable nonprofits Serving Youth-based Org. Serving Faith-based Org. or Social Movement Activist And Transition Aged Foster Care Previously Incarcerated Young Adults or Economically Disadvantaged Unemployeed

   Apply for the Emerging Servant Leaders' Scholarship

The Workshop Leaders

Nicole Davis_edited.jpg

Nicole Davis, PhD

Facilitative Leadership
Workshop Lead

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A Navy veteran. certified mediator, facilitator, conflict coach, personal development coach, and trainer. Has worked in the field of alternative dispute resolution for 20 years. 

Keysha Gamor_edited.jpg

Keysha Gamor, PhD 

Community Research Workshop Lead

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Expert in applied research, root cause analysis, change management, e-learning, assessment, research methods, and professional & technical writing.


Jay Coleman, PhD

CDSI & Social Design  Workshops Lead

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A socially-minded executive innovation and technology services strategist with Ph.D. research in systems Innovation methods and experience designing sociotechnical systems

Khalem Charlse_edited_edited.jpg

Khalem Charles

Community Engagement Workshop Lead

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Accomplished practitioner in Community engagement with experience serving Account Manager with the Ad Council - Where media meets message, Communications Coordinator with Cleveland Browns Foundation, and Public Relations professional with Washington Commanders and Imre advertising agency. 

Stand Up Meeting

The Certification Project

The candidates achieve certification by conducting a Social Design Hackathon for one of our nonprofit partners. Each cohort will identify and solve complex organizational or service delivery problems that are unsatisfactory for their beneficiaries. They will work with different nonprofits or solve various issues for the same nonprofit partner.

The Cohort Coaches for the Certification Project


K. Mischele Watson, PhD

MD Cohort Coach, Lead

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Experienced executive leadership coach helping small business owners achieve the day-to-day operations. Serves as Mentor, Diversity and Inclusion Advocate, Business Coach, Senior Change Management Specialist, and Author 

Janeen P Headshot - closeup (002)_edited

Janeen Parrott

VA Cohort Coach

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Life Coach specializing in team building, customer service and project management that helps clients achieves short-term and long-term objectives.


Wanda Little-Coffey

DC Cohort Coach

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Life Coach specializing in improving the dynamics of groups with an emphasis on increasing visibility and improving the connection to the mission

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