When good deeds are no longer enough,

How can community leaders break the cycle of generational poverty? 

The Challenge is Multidimensional

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"An estimated 42% of children live in households that reported it was somewhat or very difficult to cover expenses..."

Issues include

  • Unstable Housing

  • Parental Unemployment

  • Unequal Educational Opportunities

  • Food Insecurity

  • Physical & Emotional Abuse

  • To name a few

"4 in 10 Children Live in a Household Struggling to Afford Basics" by Arloc Sherman of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Unfortunately, there is no one solution for all issues that applies to all communities and families

A Solution
What if there is a way to find unique solutions for each community?

We find innovative solutions to fill the gaps between communities' resources and families' needs 

Community-Driven Social Innovation (CDSI) Approach 

Empowers communities by organizing their collective ingenuity

We develop and deploy community leaders who collaborate with communities, stakeholders, and experts. Together they design, implement, and scale bottom-up, win-win solutions to communities' problems


About Us

"It takes a village to raise a child" 

The Social Innovators for Americans Association (SIAA) is a coalition of researchers, designers, social entrepreneurs, and community organizers resolving social issues. We use Community-Driven Social Innovation (CDSI) services to help communities overcome the systemic social problems that impede economic mobility.

Unlike traditional charitable nonprofits, SIAA takes a strategic approach and brings the best minds to work with communities on the interrelated causes of social issues.

Our Programs

Community-Driven Social Innovation (CDSI) Projects

America's social challenges are complex and involve multiple, diverse people with different interests and they use social systems with various interdependencies. Social Innovation is the best approach to solve these types of social problems. SIAA uses its Community-Driven Social Innovation (CDSI) approach to find solutions that satisfy multiple stakeholders' competing interests. We use this community-centric, social design approach to address interactive social issues by partnering with community leaders.

Young People at a Workshop

Community Leadership Academy for Social Innovation (CLASI)

Many teens and young adults are frustrated by the inaction of their parents' generation.  That is why SIAA gives them the skills to take control of their situations. The program is for regional cohorts consisting of 18-to-30-year-old community leaders. Many are at-risk young adults that need a chance for success. We develop Emerging Community Leaders using our CDSI curriculum. The members gain transferable skills and a path to careers in the social sector while helping low-income families.

Our Services
Service 1

Community & Constituent Research 

Higher stakeholder satisfaction on community-wide projects by researching the interests of the community, constituents, and stakeholders 

Service 2

Social Design Hackathons

Greater acceptance and adoption of community-wide projects by co-designing community-centric innovations that achieve mutual benefits for stakeholders

Service 3

Social Impact Management

Superior public good, goodwill, or reputation by increasing value to communities, stakeholders, and stockholders through continually improving the services to maximize benefit while minimizing costs

Service 4

Social Innovation Training

Increased effective, efficient, sustainable solutions for society by learning  community leadership with social innovation skills 

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Your donations go to delivering the programs that help communities and give training fellowships to at-risk teens and young adults dedicated to supporting their communities


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Founded by The People's Solution Architect 

Dr. J. Coleman, Ph.D.

"Together We Do Better"

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