Seeking Great Ideas for Projects

Everyone is entitled to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness

Your ideas for projects inspire the members and volunteers of the SIAA to strategize, contextualize, empathize, synthesize, operationalize and institutionalize.  This is the SIAA's way of transforming your best ideas into impactful solutions that fundamentally change the equation for your community of interest.  It scales ideas into community-wide solutions that bare results.  The focus areas for the projects fall into the following areas of interests:  


Cross-Community Collaboration 

Let's Talk about Social Inequality

Use the SIAA services to discuss how we can work to  increase social equality in your community. If your organization has a membership with SIAA and has an idea then select 'Start a Project' button to begin planning. 


If your organization has not joined then we can still work to solve social inequality just select the 'Request for Service' and we will be in touch to begin planning. 

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