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Every Community is entitled to a Better Future for their Families


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If your Community has a charitable nonprofit organization to Host our services; then, select 'Request for Community Support' and we will work to find funding so there is no cost to the community. 


If you are a Sponsor such as a government department planning community changes or a corporation that wants a community to accept a major project for greenlighting; then, select the 'Request for Service' and we will be in touch to discuss a proposal. 


Create safe, fair, and equal opportunity communities that enable upward social mobility for all Americans.  No community in America should suffer from restrictive, disruptive, or oppressive policies that destroy your community. You have power in your collective voices to demand equitable solutions.


The SIAA supports requests to help communities' stakeholders collaborate to find solutions that are mutually beneficial to all parties. Our trained and experienced experts are fair and objective brokers. We only work with communities, governments, and companies that want win-win outcome for all parties.



We can help any community with the following: 


  • COMMUNITY ISSUE RESOLUTION: Resolving Conflicts from diverse stakeholder community with opposing interests

  • COMMUNITY PROBLEM SOLVING: Conducting applied social research and solving complex social system problems

  • SOCIAL INNOVATION MANAGEMENT: Developing, prototyping and conducting pilots and trials of Innovative products, services, and processes to evaluate effectiveness.


  • SOCIAL SERVICE DESIGN:  Defining and implementing solutions to improve program efficiencies to serve more with less


  • SOLUTION OPERATIONALIZATION: Strategic plans and assistance to scale, replicate, and institutionalize effective social innovations


  • COMMUNITY CHANGE MANAGEMENT:  Brokering partnership relationships to increase acceptance and adoption of innovative solutions by communities through productive engagements.