The Secret to Providing the Highest Social Value to the Communities Most in Need

Updated: May 29, 2020

When I volunteered for committees or charitable events, I often meet great people with good intentions. They have amazing hearts and the willingness to serve others. In many cases, we work very hard to help people by attending fundraising events, fixing someone's house, or serving food at a homeless shelter. These feel-good activities allow me to feel fulfilled because I did a good deed. Once, I returned to help my church to serve at a homeless shelter, only to realize that many of the people receiving food were the same people that were there last year. I began to wonder, have we substantially improved the lives of the people we served? Will those we help move to a self-sustaining path of achieving a more fulfilling life that creates shared benefits with society? I decided I wanted to find a way that allows charitable organizations to make long-term improvements in people's lives. Therefore, I performed some research and came across the concepts of Social Innovation. I want to share the profound secrets I learned and how it can help nonprofits reimagine the way they serve communities.

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