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The SIAA plays a vital role in partnering with your community-based organization to help socially excluded communities achieve equal rights, fair treatment, and access to opportunities. To accomplish the mission, the SIAA members and volunteers will partner with your socially responsible organization to help it offer more innovative solutions to achieve equality in our society. At SIAA, we help our members by providing training, facilitation, advisory services, and brokering services to implement your visionary ideas. Together we allow the communities to increase their level of subsistence, access, and opportunities. The members of the SIAA serve as partners and collaborators to make your programs successful. 

Benefits of Membership

When you join the SIAA, Inc., we do detailed research, analysis, design, planning, and acquiring resources to develop and deploy innovative solutions to your systemic social challenges in communities. We don’t just give our member organizations detached advice; we give you the experts to help you realize the vision for your programs and the beneficiaries they serve. The benefits of membership include the following:

  • Access to Expert Resources:  Our Value In-Kind (VIK) Volunteers are seasoned professionals in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) as well as other professionals in other professional and humanitarian fields.  

  • Innovation Sharing. We share any lessons learned from our projects with all of our members of the SIAA, Inc. Also, we update our training and seminars to reflect the lessons, and they become part of the body of knowledge for the SIAA.  Finally, other members can share their organization’s unique product, services, or process innovations that achieve success with their community.

  • Collaborative Capacity Building. As an added resource and the non-profits that choose to join a project, the SIAA helps build your non-profit’s capacity to operate more effectively.  For each approved project, we become a wealth of resources to help the project succeed.  Any of our projects you choose to champion will learn and gain and grow.

  • Share Resources. As a member, the SIAA works with a variety of vendors and service providers in purchasing power to reduce our back-office and overhead costs.  With member discounts and bulk donations,  we will share the resources operating cost, so more of your fundraising goes directly to your beneficiaries. 

  • Learn Methods and Techniques to Create Social Innovations for Communities.  The SIAA, Inc. has experts that spent their careers refining methods and techniques to develop strategies, conduct research, design solutions, and implement those solutions for social issues.  Our goal is to share lessons with you in the classroom and the field. As a community-based organization, you are a beneficiary of learning and a co-collaborator in the development of the practice.

  • National Recognition:  Every year, the SIAA recognizes the staff volunteers, VIK volunteers, individual social innovators, and team social innovators in our membership.  With corporate sponsors and our communication team, we make sure your community and other members are aware of the impactful innovations you have used to help your community.

  • Professional Social Innovation Certifications. We allow your organization a set number of discounted seats in our self-paced online training, instructor-led training, seminars, and field experience to master the methods, processes, and tools.  There are several specialty tracks within the social innovation practice available to members.  You can use our approach to take your great visionary ideas to solutions that solve the social ills of the masses.

Categories of Organizational Membership: 

Non-Profit Organization Membership

$ 500.00 Annually

Charitable Organization 


 $250.00 Annually

Academic Organization


  $250.00  Annually

For-Profit Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) Membership

 $1,000.00 Annually

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