Corporate Sponsorships

Your donations go towards helping SIAA programs or specific projects that our member organizations champion for their communities and beneficiaries.  Our member organizations submit proposals for projects to support an objective that aligns with the SIAA's core mission of achieving a more fair, just, and equal society. You can go to our SIAA Programs Page to see the type of work we perform. Or, you can go to our Project Request Page and see the project charters for the approved projects. 


As a potential Corporate Sponsor, you can view the projects pending funding, and donate directly to the success of that project.  As, sponsor, you will receive special recognition on all of our social media sites, and we will list your name and corporate logo on the SIAA's sponsors page. You always have the option of donating anonymously.

*DisclosureAs of August 2020, we have not received approval from the IRS on our application for 501c3 status.  We will update this website when that status changes.


 $20,000.00     Annually     $1,800.00     Monthly


$15,000.00     Annually     $1,400.00     Monthly


$10,000.00     Annually     $900.00     Monthly


$5,000.00     Annually     $500.00     Monthly

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